Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mothers Day

May 9, 2010

We took the trip to Rochester and Buffalo to see the mothers two weekends ago.  I am a little slow getting things up because I just didn't feel well.  Finally went to the doctor on  Thursday and --low and behold -- I had strep throat - no wonder I felt run down....

We had a nice trip back.  Had dinner at Barb and Kevin's with Carol's family and used my accumulated Holiday Inn Priority Points to stay the night at the hotel in Rochester.  The next morning we got up bright and early - going to breakfast with Barb and Kevin at 6:30 am... Yes you read that right - I was up at 6:30 in the morning on a weekend...
Tom drove Betty into Barbs and Jim joined us for dinner as well.  Barb and Kevin were gracious hosts, feeding all a delicious dinner.  Ask Barb who brought the cake.

Next on to Buffalo where we took my mom by surprise, had brunch with the bunch, played with the 'greats', spread my toxic germs around well and good!  Uncle Turkey put out a great spread (as usual) and Jenn (you-know Jenn) brought some home made sweet bread.  And Nolan shared his donut holes!

Oh! and Hannah - Nice Feet!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Quiet weekend at home-Garden Update

Well we did have plans to go to Washington Park in Albany. And to go on the tour of Vale Cemetary.  But I am not feeling we stayed close to home.

The Tulip Festival is next week.  We went last year but hated the crowds and awful parking - so we were going to go the weekend before.  Vale has Sunday tours throughout the year, so we'll catch it again another tme.

Instead, Carol build another garden box and planted her tomotoes in her Earth boxes.  (An updated Letttuce picture is below). We also found a source of free wood pallets on Craigs List and picked up a couple of those as bases for the new rainbarrels.

Carol planted two new plants;
a Columbine and a Peony. 
Watch for their progress!

The Lettuce is growing, the Holly is blossoming, the Tulips are up and the Lilacs are starting.
It was 80 degrees and muggy.  Between the mugginess and the cold medicine I was in a fog most of the day.