Saturday, June 19, 2010

Garden Update Part Two

June 19, 2010

Along with the vegetables, the flower gardens are doing well – at least some of them!  The shade garden we planted on the hill is filling in fast with lilies, daisies and hostas.  The front sun garden gets really beat up by the wind so its is slower to mature.  But we have some flowers coming in there.  Carol’s columbine is done flowering and the peonies lost their blossoms – we think to voles….

I planted cosmos again between the trees – they bloomed from the end of July to well into fall last year.  I am hoping for a repeat performance.  I saved the seeds from last years flowers – they are coming up!

Carol planted new flowers on the retaining wall – we are hoping that they will spread out and fill-in and cascade down the wall.  That may take a few years, but at least they are started.


The shade garden on the hill—Front view and side view.
(If you look really close – you can see a spoon or two still in there….)


Close ups of the flowers in the shade garden (first row) and the sun garden (second row).

DSC_0004 DSC_0002 DSC_0014
DSC_0022 DSC_0023 DSC_0025

First row shade garden– second row sun garden.

DSC_0005 DSC_0006
DSC_0027 DSC_0018

Garden Update

June 19, 2010

Carol’s garden is exploding!  We have been eating lettuce for at least two months.  The spinach bolted though, so we didn’t get to mix our greens.  The beets are ready – there aren’t many of them – but Carol is making her potato-beet salad … umm.  And the tomatoes! They must be 3 feet tall in the Earth boxes.  The plants in the raised bed garden boxes are not as tall.

DSC_0015 Look at those tomato plants!  The box in the front is full of lettuce….(beets are hiding in-between) DSC_0017 Lots of blossoms = Lots of tomatoes!

DSC_0028 The garden boxes are filling in but they aren’t growing as fast as the Earth boxes. 

DSC_0031 The hops came back strong –
I think this is their third year.
DSC_0032 The peppers are flowering too!
DSC_0034 Look what's hiding under the tomato plant leaves! DSC_0033

Foxy Loxy

Well – we keep seeing our friend the fox hanging out and I finally had my camera ready.  He was sunning on our neighbors lawn and startled some friends who stopped by their house.  Carol was working in her garden and called to me quietly.  But I don’t think it would have mattered – He was watchful …but not at all spooked by the neighbors coming or me taking pictures.

He is looking pretty shaggy and spent a long time scratching, after he was done lounging that is… Then slowly loped into the brush growing between the houses.

We haven’t seen his mate for a while …since early winter.  And we never see pups.  But this guy is a regular now.  Probably was here before we all were.

DSC_0974In our neighbors front yard – just lounging and watching everyone go by.. DSC_0973He watched me take the picture but doesn't seem overly concerned.  Check out that tail!
DSC_0984 Here he stretchchchchchches out and lays flat on his tummy with his legs extended behind him- life of leisure… DSC_0984
Almost hear him saying – enough already – let me sleep!

DSC_0990 scratch scratch scratch DSC_0989
scratch scratch

DSC_0994 oh oh – can’t stop – the leg keeps going…. DSC_0995
hmm maybe its snack time – I’ll go look for some voles.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Birthday in the Park

June 5, 2010

We took a quick trip into Akron Saturday to celebrate Carol's mom's 85th birthday.  Jim got a shelter in Akron Falls Park and made sure that we had the fire makings.  Barb brought all the food.  We got away with bringing two coolers full of drinks.  Much easier to carry five hours than food - so THANK YOU Barb!  Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Cowboy Beans, Deviled Eggs... a feast!  Kevin brought the beer and Kevin's sister Kathy brought a watermelon too.  And of course there was birthday cake! And pie!

All the Lewis' came to help celebrate as well.  We all enjoyed talking, laughing and playing with the dogs.  it was nice to see everyone.  And it did not rain!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Memorial Day Camping 2010

May 27 - 31, 2010

The first camping weekend of the season! And it was beautiful.  Actually hot!  The whole bunch came to Keuka Lake State Park in Penn Yan NY. We had friends and relatives in at least 13 campsites!  This always makes for an interesting weekend....
Of course we did the Keuka Brewery, Dr Konstantin Frank Wine Cellars, the Windmill and we celebrated Laura's Birthday as well.  We pack in the fun!

This group also likes to eat  --- Carol did corn on the open fire and it was a huge hit. Jeanne and George smoked turkey and pork.  Everyone filled in with salads, crockpot meals and old favorites (yumm - love tha sweet and sour).


I'm not sure what was happening here - but they are sisters so its allowed.... tho grooming chimpanzees comes to mind.