Saturday, June 19, 2010

Foxy Loxy

Well – we keep seeing our friend the fox hanging out and I finally had my camera ready.  He was sunning on our neighbors lawn and startled some friends who stopped by their house.  Carol was working in her garden and called to me quietly.  But I don’t think it would have mattered – He was watchful …but not at all spooked by the neighbors coming or me taking pictures.

He is looking pretty shaggy and spent a long time scratching, after he was done lounging that is… Then slowly loped into the brush growing between the houses.

We haven’t seen his mate for a while …since early winter.  And we never see pups.  But this guy is a regular now.  Probably was here before we all were.

DSC_0974In our neighbors front yard – just lounging and watching everyone go by.. DSC_0973He watched me take the picture but doesn't seem overly concerned.  Check out that tail!
DSC_0984 Here he stretchchchchchches out and lays flat on his tummy with his legs extended behind him- life of leisure… DSC_0984
Almost hear him saying – enough already – let me sleep!

DSC_0990 scratch scratch scratch DSC_0989
scratch scratch

DSC_0994 oh oh – can’t stop – the leg keeps going…. DSC_0995
hmm maybe its snack time – I’ll go look for some voles.


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