Sunday, June 13, 2010

Memorial Day Camping 2010

May 27 - 31, 2010

The first camping weekend of the season! And it was beautiful.  Actually hot!  The whole bunch came to Keuka Lake State Park in Penn Yan NY. We had friends and relatives in at least 13 campsites!  This always makes for an interesting weekend....
Of course we did the Keuka Brewery, Dr Konstantin Frank Wine Cellars, the Windmill and we celebrated Laura's Birthday as well.  We pack in the fun!

This group also likes to eat  --- Carol did corn on the open fire and it was a huge hit. Jeanne and George smoked turkey and pork.  Everyone filled in with salads, crockpot meals and old favorites (yumm - love tha sweet and sour).


I'm not sure what was happening here - but they are sisters so its allowed.... tho grooming chimpanzees comes to mind.

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  1. Amazing collection. I really like these blog. It memorize me my old days when I am in Capital Smart City.