Saturday, June 19, 2010

Garden Update

June 19, 2010

Carol’s garden is exploding!  We have been eating lettuce for at least two months.  The spinach bolted though, so we didn’t get to mix our greens.  The beets are ready – there aren’t many of them – but Carol is making her potato-beet salad … umm.  And the tomatoes! They must be 3 feet tall in the Earth boxes.  The plants in the raised bed garden boxes are not as tall.

DSC_0015 Look at those tomato plants!  The box in the front is full of lettuce….(beets are hiding in-between) DSC_0017 Lots of blossoms = Lots of tomatoes!

DSC_0028 The garden boxes are filling in but they aren’t growing as fast as the Earth boxes. 

DSC_0031 The hops came back strong –
I think this is their third year.
DSC_0032 The peppers are flowering too!
DSC_0034 Look what's hiding under the tomato plant leaves! DSC_0033

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